【Blog: Food Replicas in Kappabashi! 】

Food Replicas in Kappabashi!


One of the best things about Japanese restaurants are the amazingly realistic food replicas often displayed in a showcase so that you can get an idea of what kind of dishes are available. Have you ever wondered how they’re made? There’s a whole world of fake food samples out there, and you can experience it yourself in Kappabashi!

Known to be the Kitchen Town of Tokyo, where you can find all your kitchen and cooking needs, there is a shop in Kappabashi called “Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya” where you can take part in a class to create your own food replicas!


On the first floor of the shop, you can buy all sorts of food replica goodies, such as keychains and even a kit to make your own at home!

You can choose from making a variety of popular sweet and savory dishes such as a parfait, waffle, sushi platter, and more! Today, I decided to try making some tempura and a whole lettuce.

The second floor is where the class takes place. You can first pick out two ingredients that will become your tempura, and I chose shrimp and pumpkin! The teacher will demonstrate how to make the tempuras, as well as the lettuce, and then it’s our time to try it out!



For the tempura, the wax must be dripped onto the warm water in order to create the “batter”.


Then, the shrimp or vegetable is to be placed in the middle, and you must carefully flip it over while wrapping the batter around your chosen ingredient.




The lettuce was actually a bit trickier, but I enjoyed it more because everyone’s looks different! The lettuce also uses two colors, green and white, in order to make it look more realistic. After forming your lettuce, you can choose to have it cut in half to show the inside or keep it as a whole lettuce. It was a hard decision, but I decided to keep it whole.


Here are my tempura and lettuce! They actually look a lot more real than I expected, I was really happy with my creations.


Making food replicas is an experience enjoyable for people of all ages, and the teachers are all very thorough in their explanations so no worries about having no experience! There are also so many different dishes to make, so you can go multiple times and still have a fun every time!

The class took about one hour, and costs 2,160yen per person. Not only do you get to try out something new that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, you can take home some delicious-looking treats!

Official web:http://ganso-sample.com/en/


Written by Manatsu




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