【Blog:Harajuku Fashion [Vol.1 'Takeshita Street']】

A fashion tour in which Sarah, our Harajuku Fashion Leader,will show you her recommended shops and restaurants



Do you know Harajuku Fashion? We can find something called ‘Kawaii culture’ in Japan. Today I would like to show you some restaurants and apparel shops which are popular and great examples of Kawaii culture. Some celebrities such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Peco&Ryuucheru have become well-known, both in Japan and also abroad, for wearing fashion that we could classify as cute or Kawaii. This time I would like to introduce some shops and restaurants that I enjoy and I would like you to visit if you have the chance to come to Japan.


There are so many shops I want to talk to you about, so these Harajuku series will be split into 3 parts. Vol.1’Takeshita Street’. This is the best-known area in Harajuku. Both Japanese and foreigners can often be seen on this street looking at the fashionable shops in which ‘Kawaii’tends to be a key element.
Vol.2’Ura Harajuku’. These are the back streets of Harajuku. They are less crowded than Takeshita and so many iconic Harajuku brands have their shops there.
Vol.3Laforet. This is a shopping centre that has gathered fashionable apparel shops in Harajuku since the 1970s.

Vol.1 Takeshita Street

This is the best-known area in Harajuku. Both Japanese and foreigners can often be seen on this street looking at the fashionable shops in which ‘Kawaii’tends to be a key element. Let’s have a look!


This is the ‘Takeshita Dori’exit of Harajuku Station, which is just in front of Takeshita Street. Let’s go!


There are usually a lot of tourists at the entrance of the street taking pictures.
Now I will introduce to you this area where we can find Kawaii fashion.




This is the first shop I want to show you. They sell new clothes and accessories on the first floor and used items on the second one. Both of them are very cute and quite affordable. I really like the decorations in the shop, they have so many ponies and Furbbies. It is a mixture of Kawaii fashion and 80s American pop culture. I often go to this shop!

Official web:https://sgs109.com/shop/26



【acdc rag】


This is the next shop I want to show you. They sell very colourful clothes, socks and leggings. I think it is a great option if you are trying to get Kawaii clothes at really affordable prices. I recently bought one of their Power Puff Girls collaboration oversized T-shirts!



I also want to show you a Kawaii Restaurant: Pom Pom Purin’s restaurant!
As you can see in the pictures, both the food and the interior of this restaurant are nice and cute. Pom Pom Purin is a Sanrio character that once became the Sanrio number 1 popular character in Japan, beating Hello Kitty in that occasion.
Did you like Takeshita Street?
This is a place you should not miss when you come to Japan.
I think you will be able to experience Kawaii culture if you visit it.
I will show you some hidden places in the next post: Ura Harajuku. Please, look forward to it!

*Vol.2 Ura Harajuku




東京都新宿区大久保2-6-10 新宿第2アルプスマンション205