【Blog:Harajuku Fashion [Vol.2 ‘Ura Harajuku’]】

A fashion tour in which Sarah, our Harajuku Fashion Leader, will show you her recommended shops and restaurants  [Vol.2 ‘Ura Harajuku’]


Vol.2 Ura Harajuku

This time I want to introduce to you ‘Ura Harajuku’. If we compare this area to the first one I showed you in Vol 1. (Takeshita Street), the atmosphere is totally different and the kind of things we can find here are more unusual. It is an area well visited by the local Harajuku Kids and fashion enthusiasts.


【Candy Stripper】



First of all, I would like to introduce this shop to you.
You can find a mixture of fashion styles in Candy Stripper and most of them are really Kawaii. The mascot of this brand is a panda called Pepe and they also collab with different artists and illustrators to release special collections.

Official web:http://candystripper.jp/


【6% Doki Doki】


This is the next shop we will see.
6% Doki Doki has been active since 1995. It is a little but very well-decorated shop where you can buy cute clothes, accesories and piercing jewellery, as well. The shop girls and shop boys that work there also wear outfits with 6% Doki Doki items.


【Harajuku Denki Shokai】

Did you like this Ura Harajuku introduction?
I think it is a great place to visit if you come to Japan; you should not miss it.
It is a great place to enjoy the most difficult to find shops related to Kawaii culture.
Please, look forward to the following post about ‘Laforet’, a Harajuku shopping centre.

Official Website :https://sgs109.com/shop/319

Did you like Takeshita Street?
This is a place you should not miss when you come to Japan.
I think you will be able to experience Kawaii culture if you visit it.
I will show you some hidden places in the next post: Laforet Harajuku. Please, look forward to it!

*Vol.3 Laforet Harajuku




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