【Blog:Harajuku Fashion [Vol.3 ‘Laforet Harajuku’]】

A fashion tour in which Sarah, our Harajuku Fashion Leader, will show you her recommended shops and restaurants  [Vol.3 ‘Laforet Harajuku’]


Vol.3 Laforet Harajuku

This time I would like to show you Laforet. We can say this is the most famous shopping centre in Harajuku. A lot of Kawaii shops can be found in this building.

【Nile Perch】

This is the first shop I will show you. They have two locations in Harajuku and one of their shops is on the B2 floor inside Laforet. They sell very cute and dreamy dresses, accessories, bags and berets. All the items in the shops are in a pastel-colour tone.

Official web:http://www.nile-jp.com/


【Angelic Pretty】

This is the next shop I will show you. It is a lolita fashion store where you can find all kind of Kawaii patterns on dresses, skirts, tights and bags. I think it is a good option for both people that want to go full on lolita fashion or that want something cute to incorporate to their outfits.



I also want to show you this shop. It is located on the first floor of Laforet and they sell apparel by a different range of Japanese brands. The selection of clothes is very diverse and interesting, something different from the shops where there is only one brand avaliable.

Official Website :https://ameblo.jp/hoyajukublog/

Did you enjoy this post about Laforet Harajuku? You should also visit this part of Harajuku when you come here. I think you will be able to find so many Kawaii culture items here.
These have been the three entries of the Harajuku tour by Sarah. We hope a lot of people got interested in Harajuku fashion and Japanese pop culture!
Written by Sarah

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